PT Barata Indonesia (Persero) once again has exported the Power Plant Turbine components produced by the Turbine Component Factory – Power Division – PT Barata Indonesia – Cilegon. The product being exported this time is the Low Pressure Inner Casing (LPIC) 1×1.105 MW to Australia, Tuesday 30 July 2019.

Later on, the components of this country’s child-made power plant will be used to upgrade the capacity of the 2,210 MW AGL Energy power plant (2×1,105 MW). This power plant accounts for about 30% of electricity supply in Victoria, Australia. Barata Indonesia does fabrication, machining, and turbine assembling work.

Barata Indonesia President Director Oksarlidady Arifin said that the export of power plant components by Barata Indonesia will continue to be increased in an effort to strengthen the company’s position in the export sector in addition to other export products such as the Railroad component (Bogie) which is currently routinely exported to Mexico & Canada.

“I hope that the Turbine Component Factory can do the same thing and become one of the backbone of the export of products carried out by Barata Indonesia,” said Dady – Oksalidady Arifin’s nickname.

On the other hand, Mr. Michael Baumgart, Representative of Siemens AG who supervised the Cilataon Barata Plant for Siemens Condenser Products said

“The Cilegon Barata Factory has been able to produce high quality products that have been accepted by customers all over the world, we hope to continue the cooperation that has been established with Barata Indonesia. Maybe some projects in the future will be,” he said

Besides exporting LPIC, today Barata Indonesia also exports other power plant components, namely Condenser to Russia. Barata Indonesia works on Nizhnekamskneftekhim’s Condenser (member of TAIF Group). This project has also been undertaken by Barata Indonesia since September last year.

“After this project, we will also immediately focus on the next project. “Currently the production of power plant projects, namely Condenser and LP-Outer Casing for export to Bangladesh, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom,” added Barata Indonesia’s Director of Operations, Bobby Sumardiat Atmosudirjo

Before exporting to Australia and Russia, Barata Indonesia also exported Power Components components to various countries. Such as Condenser & LP Outer Casing (Brazil, Argentina & Pakistan), Blade Ring Components (Panama, Argentina, Brazil & Pakistan), Inner Casting (Bangladesh) And Combustion Chamber (Taiwan)

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