PT Barata Indonesia (Persero) undergo several stages of transformation since its founded. Starting from the embryo of the Company ” NV Braat ” in 1901 to this date, have been changes quite significant but still the company still has core of line of business that can be relied for the Company.

Milestone Transformation PT Barata Indonesia (Persero) is described as follows:

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1901- 1961 Era

  • In 1901 NV Braat Machine Fabriek formed and focus on produced sugar mills facilities in East Java. 1901. And then in 1961 ┬áNV Braat Machine Fabriek nationalized and changed its name to PN Barata
  • In 1920 Machine Fabriek & Werf NV. Molen Fliet formed with almost the same focus as NV Braat Machine Fabriek, produce sugar factory equipment poutside of East Java. Year 1961 Machine Fabriek & Werf NV. Molen Fliet was also nationalized and changed its name to PN Sabang Merauke

1961- 1971 Era

  • Three National Company PN Barata, PN Peprida and PN Sabang Merauke merged into PT Barata Metalworks & Engineering. The main business lines expanded into sugar factory maintenance, plantation crops processing machine manufacturer, fabrication and installation of steel construction, road roller machine manufacturers, as well as installation services of basic industrial projects

Era 1974- 1976 Era

  • In the year 1974-1976 the factory equipped with iron and steel casting factory in Gresik plant and Jakarta and began to enter the construction of port equipment, airport equipment and power generation

1987- 1998 Era

  • Rejuvenite production machines (P2SP Project)
  • In 1989, the company is managed by the Strategic Industries Adminsitrator Institutions (BPIS) through Presidential Decree No. 40 of 1989
  • In 1998, the Company became a subsidiary of PT Bahana Pakarya Industri Strategis (Persero) with the decision of Minister of Ministry of Empowerment State-Owned Enterprises. No. Kep.036 / M-PUBMN / 98 dated August 7, 1998

2002 – Nowadays

  • The Company again under the management of the Ministry of State Own after PT BPIS liquidated, until today.