In response to recent fast-growing infrastructure development, PT Barata Indonesia (Persero) is applying distinct strategies which in turn give better solutions to the stakeholders. Improvements have been encouraged in all sectors of the Company to keep up with dynamic regional market, as well as responding the international demand.

The New Vision, “Strong, Healthy and Competitive Company, constant concern to the innovation and technology in Manufacture, Engineering, and Constructions”, has become new direction for the company to grow and achieve the goals. The Management strongly stated to improve the project management in order to strengthen EPC projects.

Obstacles are indeed everywhere, but an integrated support from all sectors is set for better solutions. One of strategy applied by The Management is to speed up the Human Capital improvement, since this sector is believed to become one of the most important components to achieve the Company’s goals. Furthermore, with an established and strong Human Capital, the Company is hopefully ready to compete with The Asean Economic Community (MEA) program.


The New Company Organization is developed to facilitate all activities. The Marketing has been fortified to grab as many markets as possible. All organization components also encouraged to search sustainable income, besides motivating the achievement of the main business.

Last but not least, the Company holds a spirit of “We Value Commitments”, an ethic and symbol of our hard working to uphold each commitment that has been given to all stakeholders. We hope this company profile will give a comprehensive description to all of our valuable customers, so that we can grow together building a better Nation.