In response to the rapid development of infrastructure , PT. Barata Indonesia (Persero) continuously and consistently prepares strategies to provide the best solutions to stakeholders. Improvements have encouraged all sectors within the company to continue to pursue the increasingly dynamic regional market and respond to international market demands.

The company’s new vision that has been declared is to become a strong, healthy and competitive company based on innovation and technology in the manufacturing industry to support the Food, Energy, Water sector.

Obstacles are everywhere therefore, integrated support from all sectors is a must to provide better solutions. One of the strategies implemented by management is to accelerate the increase in Human Capital, because this sector is believed to be the most important sector to achieve company goals.

The company’s new Organizational Structure was also formed in order to facilitate all activities. Marketing is strengthened in order to capture as many available market opportunities as possible. All components of the organization are also encouraged to seek sustainable sources of income, without leaving the target of the main business.

Equally important, the company carries the spirit of “Your Heavy Manufacturing Partner” reflecting the enthusiasm of the Barata Indonesia team to continue providing the best products and services to all stakeholders and to become a strategic partner in the heavy manufacturing industry with high local content products.

We hope that these few remarks can provide a comprehensive picture and description for our valued customers, so that we can grow together to continue to build.