To produce a competitive product, the quality of the manufacturing process becomes a demand. As a nation owned company in the field of Manufacturing Industry, Barata Indonesia always ensures that this entire process runs well and is tested. Foundry, Precision and Heavy Machinery to Metal Forming, are our main competencies.

PT Barata Indonesia (Persero) has a foundry “kitchen” with the largest capacity in Indonesia, up to 15,000 tons/year. This workshop produces the company’s mainstay products, including train components and components of agro products such as sugar factory components with domestic and international markets. The main facilities at this workshop include an Arc Furnace with a capacity of 5 tons (1 unit), 10 tons (1 unit) and an Induction Furnace with a capacity of 2 tons (2 units), 10 tons (1 unit). In 2020 the company targets to increase foundry capacity to 21,000 tons/year.