Barata Indonesia plays an important role in the energy industry in Indonesia. One of them is in the power generation industry, where Barata Indonesia has the competence to produce power plant components and has experience in working EPC power plant projects such as  Coal Fired Steam Power Plant NTB 2x 25 MW power plant, Belawan steam power plant, Walessi Mini Hydro Power Plant  , Mini Kayu Aro Hydro Power Plant, Lodagung Mini Hydro Power Plant .


  •  Belawan Gas Power Plant
  • Walessi Mini Hydro Power Plant
  • Coal Fired Steam Power Plant NTB 2 x 25 MW
  • Kayu Aro Mini Hydro Power Plant
  • Conveyor



Oil and Gas Industry

  • Filtered Water Tank
  • Tank Bioreactor Matindok
  • Main Transit Terminal Tuban Project
  • Pressure Vessel
  • Spherical Tanks

Power Plant Industry

  • Dearator
  • Condensor
  • HP Heater & LP Heater
  • Boiler

Mining Industry

  • Liners
  • Crusher
  • Striking Blade
  • Grizzly Bar