In order to create a more efficient, flexible and integrated communication, management of PT Barata Indonesia (Persero) continuously improve the organizational structure as one of the strategies to sharpen the company’s direction in achieving the targets and goals.

Board of Directors which become the main organizers is divided into four Directors namely President Director, Human Resources  and Finance Direkctor  Operation and Director of Marketing .

The four Board of Directors are supported by two large groups consisting of Profit Center and Supporting. Profit Center as the backbone of the company’s sales divided into five divisions namely, Sugar and Agro Industry Division, Oil and Gas Division, Power Plant Division, Water Resources Division and Components & Machinery Industry Division.

The purpose of the establishment of the five divisions is, so that the company can be more focused on the main product market.  In The Eyes of the market Company will be known by the market based on product competence. The Divison includes Sugar & Agro Industry Division, Oil & Gas Division, Power Plant Division, Water Resources Division and Component & Machinery  Industry Division. Another important thing is, in order to create effectiveness the function of branch company will be converted into pure production units.

Supporting Department consists of Business Development, Engineering Department, Supply Chain Management Deparment, System Management & Quality Assurance Department, Finance and Accounting Department, Human Resource Deparment, Corporate Secretary, and Control and Risk Department

The two large groups are directly controlled by the Internal Audit (SPI) that report directly to the President Director.