On this day of September 21st   2016 in Jakarta, PT. Barata Indonesia (Persero) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with General Electric (GE.

The two companies agreed to cooperate in power generation, where Barata will be a component supplier and part of General Electric’s global supply chain in power generation products.

MOU signed by the President Director of PT Barata Indonesia Silmy Karim and, President Director of PT. GE Operations of Indonesia, David Hutagalung, witnessed by GE CEO of Indonesia, Handry Satriago.

The Barata-General Electric deal is not only limited to suppliers of power generating components but also in terms of maintenance, and after sales service of General Electric’s products.

President Director of PT Barata Indonesia (Persero) Silmy Karim stated, “The cooperation with big multinational like General Electric is a strategy of PT Barata Indonesia (Persero) in realizing the ideals as a global player and running the government’s trust to increase local content rather than power plant in Indonesia. The Minister of State Owned Enterprises has appointed PT. Barata as coordinator in the improvement and fulfillment of local content in PLN power plant project in Indonesia. We have to appreciate and support the policy of this local content. This is an extraordinary policy. ”

The Indonesian government, in this case the State Minister for State-Owned Enterprises, wants local domestic companies to participate in the 35,000 MW power plant project, enhanced even up to 75 percent. The recent efforts by PT Barata are also a step of preparation and anticipation in carrying out the tasks of the Government of the Mega Power Plant Project.

“The MoU will have a positive impact on Barata. This cooperation further strengthens Barata’s position as one of the leading manufacturing and Heavy Construction companies in Indonesia, and the cooperation will also sharpen one of Barata’s business lines in the field of power generation,” added Silmy.

In addition to cooperation in the field of power plants, General Electric has been working with Barata in producing rail components from General Electric locomotive products.

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