PT.Barata Indonesia (Persero) Competencies in field of the power plant proven by the products of power plant components which are not only trusted by customers in the country, but also has become part of the global supply chain in power plant projects, especially for gas turbine product package.

The power plant components that have been used in Barata also been used in several power projects. Start of Steam Power plant), Gas Power Plant, Micro Hydro Power Plant and some other types of power plants.

The appointment of the Barata as a company that belong to the National Power Plant Project 35 thousand MW, not only demonstrate the capabilities of Barata in the power plant Industries sector. But also commitment of the company’s to support government programs, especially keeping local content in power plant projects.

Coal Fired Steam Power Plant NTB 2X25 MW
Power Plant
PLTMH Walesi
Walesi Micro Hydro Power Plant
Power Plant
Belawan Gas Power Plant
Power Plant