Warm atmosphere and filled with intimacy clearly surrounded the introduction of the new president director of PT. Barata Indonesia (Persero) Tuesday, August 9, 2016 at Multipurpose Building, Central Office Gresik. As previously stated, Silmy Karim was appointed by the Minister of BUMN Number: SK-177 / MBU / 08/2016 to be the new captain of PT. Barata Indonesia (Persero) succeeding Zakky Gamal Yasin.


This moment of togetherness was even more special because the event was not merely as an initial introductory to Silmy Karim with PT. Barata Indonesia (Persero) employees, but also an event to bid farewell to the old Managing Director Zakky Gamal Yasin, who has served since August 2014 and has now got a mandate to lead PT. Len Industri (Persero).


Prior to the event Silmy also took the time to visit the workshops that exist on the premises.



Before assuming the position as the new Managing Director of PT. Barata Indonesia (Persero), Silmy had occupied important positions in both government and private agencies. One of them, of course, being the President Director of PT. Pindad (Persero). On that occasion, the 41-year-old man said that he will not make changes to the work program but will continue the work plan established previously by PT. Barata Indonesia (Persero). However, Silmy will continue to seek opportunities featured on PT. Barata Indonesia (Persero) potentials itself.


This is certainly in line with what is said by Zakky who wants the  new Managing Director to continue the work plans that have been implemented with full consistency. On that occasion, Silmy also expressed his hope in bringing PT. Barata Indonesia (Persero) to be better known with its superior programs and better than before

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