PT Barata Indonesia (Persero) again exported 36th batch power plants abroad. This time Barata Indonesia exports two components of the Condenser and LP Outer Casing power plants to the UK.

The process of releasing the export of the power plant components was attended by officials of the Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Labor, namely Harjanto, Director General of the Metal Machinery for Transportation Equipment and Electronics and Zakiyudin, Director of the Machinery Industry and Agricultural Machine Tools.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of BUMN RI was represented by Heri Purnomo, Assistant Deputy for Strategic Industries and Media Industries at the Ministry of BUMN in the Turbine Component Plant of the PT Barata Indonesia (Persero) Turbine Division, Cilegon, Thursday (10/24).

It is planned that the two power plant products will be used in the Keadby 2 Power Station power plant which has a capacity of 840 MW. The process of working on the two components of the power plant has been ongoing since the end of December 2018 and takes 20,000 working hours.

President Director of Barata Indonesia Oksarlidady Arifin said that Barata Indonesia’s consistency in exporting power plant components overseas proved that domestic products were also able to compete with foreign products and were of equal quality.

“As a state-owned company, I hope that Barata Indonesia can continue to increase exports of its flagship products. In addition to adding to the country’s foreign exchange also to further strengthen the role of local industries in the country, “said Dady – Oksarlidady Arifin’s nickname.

In addition to exporting to the United Kingdom, this week Barata Indonesia also exports to Japan, the Kamisu Biomass (1 x 50 MW) Power Plant and for the Hsinta Power Plant in Taiwan. Meanwhile at the end of October 2019, Barata Indonesia will also export condensers to Dubai, UAE.

Thus the company has exported power plant components to various parts of the world for Condenser & LP Outer Casing (Brazil, Argentina, Russia & Pakistan), Blade Ring Components (Panama, Argentina, Brazil & Pakistan), Inner Casting (Bangladesh & Australia) And Combustion Chamber (Taiwan).

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