On Monday 22 January 2018 in Jakarta, PT Barata Indonesia (Persero) signed a contract with PT Berkah Alam Lestari Energi, a subsidiary of PT Terregra Asia Energy Tbk, a company engaged in renewable energy, for the construction of Mini Hydro Power Plant (Hydro Power Plant) Batang Toru 3 (2 × 5) MW located in Pahaejulu, North Tapanuli District, North Sumatra.


The contract was signed by Operations Director Tony Budi Santosa, representing the Board of Directors. Meanwhile, from the PT Berkah Alam Lestari Energi conducted by Iwan Sugiarjo as President Director of PT Berkah Alam Lestari Energi.


President Director of Barata Indonesia (Persero), Silmy Karim explains, “The power plant project utilizing renewable energy (Renewable Energy) is one of the focus of PT Barata Indonesia (Persero). PT Barata Indonesia (Persero) wants to be a leader in the field of new and renewable energy. For that we continue to develop competence in the field of new and renewable energy because this is the energy of the future, “.


The value of the Batang Toru 3 (2 × 5) MW Hydro Power Plant project amounted to Rp.240 billion and is scheduled to be completed within 21 months.

Silmy Karim said that in this project, Barata Indonesia (Persero) cooperates with Austrian company which is the best in hydro and hydro electric turbine technology.

In addition to Batang Toru 3 Hydro Power Plant, PT Barata Indonesia (Persero) is also currently negotiating with Terregra for the construction of Hydro Power Plant Sisira 2 X 4.9 MW located in Parlilitan Subdistrict, North Sumatra.


In the period of ten years back, Hydro Power Plant that has been completed by Barata Indonesia is Walessi Hydro Power Plant 500 kW, Kayu Aro 950 kW Hydro Power Plant, Lodagung 2 X 650 kW and Parmonangan Hydro Power Plant  2 X 4.5 MW.

“We hope that in the future, the Government can provide incentives for new and renewable power plants, both in terms of cost and financing facilities. This is because Renewable Energy is the future of world energy sources. New and renewable energy needs attention so that Indonesia is not left behind compared to other countries that have long developed the energy source, either from the side of technology development as well as from the composition of mix energy, “Said Silmy Karim

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