PT Barata Indonesia (Persero) started the new year 2019 with a blast with exported power plant components. Cilegon Turbine Component Division exporting Condensers & LP Outer Casings to Brazil, South America, Wednesday (2/1).

The power plant components that was made by Barata Indonesia will be used at the GNA Novo Tempo Project power plant which has a capacity of 1,300 MW

Barata Indonesia’s President Director, Oksarlidady Arifin said that initial exports in 2019 of the Power Plant component were a positive start for the company. Especially this year, because Barata Indonesia will increase the value of the company’s exports, especially for power generation components.

“We are grateful that at the beginning of the year we were able to export the components of power plant to Brazil. We hope that exports do not stop here, but continue throughout the year. “Said Dady, Oksarlidady Arifin’s nickname. “This year Barata Indonesia intends to increase the value of exports, including the components of power plants with a target export value at 17 million USD,” he added.

The increase, it is hoped, is not only to help increase the country’s foreign exchange, but also increase the value of the company’s total exports this year.
Because in addition to the components of the power plant, every year, Barata Indonesia also exports Railway components to various countries. This year, Barata Indonesia targets the Foundry (Casting) export value at 23 million USD.

Since taking the company action by acquiring Siemens Indonesia Plant in Cilegon, namely Siemens Power and Gas-Turbine Components, Barata Indonesia targets to strengthen the company’s position in the field of Power Generation.

As the coordinator in the local content power plant program, Barata hopes that the new assets in the power plant sector can increase Barata Indonesia’s sales to local and international markets.

Prior to exporting to Brazil, Barata Indonesia had also exported components of the Power Plant, Blade Ring and Combustion Chamber to Kaohsiung, Taiwan in mid-October.

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