PT Barata Indonesia (Persero) held a “Farewell to the Directors” which was held at the Multipurpose Building, Gresik Head Office (30/11). This event was attended by the Board of Commissioners, Directors of PT PPA as shareholders, Directors of PT BBI (Persero), Representatives of the Employees’ Wives Association (IKK), Workers’ Unions and Employee Representatives from various structural levels. On this occasion, management also introduced the Directors who had just been appointed by the Ministry of BUMN to lead PT Barata Indonesia (Persero).

At the farewell event, Tjetjep Nirwan M, who previously filled the position of Marketing Director, was appointed Main Director replacing Bobby Sumardiat Atmosudirjo.
In his speech, Bobby said that change is normal. He also added that to restore the company’s performance, there must be continuity and he is sure that whoever leads Barata Inodnesia will bring the enthusiasm to make the company a capable national manufacturing company.

“Resurrecting Barata is like running a marathon. “Continuously motivated and consistently focused on the goal of improving company performance,” he said.
On the other hand, Nirwan explained that even though he was no longer with Barata Indonesia, he would continue to communicate and discuss with the old management, so that the transition process and problem solving could run well.

Apart from changing the position of President Director, the Ministry of BUMN also appointed two new positions, namely Bambang Joko Sutarto who was appointed Director of Finance, HR & Risk Management replacing Djoko Sarwono. Meanwhile, the position of Director of Operations is held by Hertyoso Nursasongko.
The following are the new ranks of PT Barata Indonesia (Persero) Directors:

1. Main Director: Tjetjep Nirwan M, concurrently serving as Marketing Director
2. Director of Operations: Hertyoso Nursasongko
3. Director of Finance, HR and Risk Management: Bambang Joko Sutarto

With the composition of this new Board of Directors, Barata is optimistic that it will be able to play a role in advancing the Indonesian manufacturing industry and of course making Barata a more competitive, profitable and beneficial company for all stakeholders.

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