PT Barata Indonesia (Persero) finally officially implemented the new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system on management systems in the company. In collaboration with PT Bravura Bisnis Solusi, SAP consulting services (System Application and Product in data processing) The new system is officially applied through the SAP GO Live event conducted on Friday (1/3).

In his address to all management, Barata Indonesia President  Director, Oksarlidady Arifin said that, using ERP, Barata Indonesia had stepped forward. Because an ERP system was a company information system designed to coordinate all the resources, information, and activities needed to complete business process.

“So, my hope is that with this system, companies can be more integrated, and can be used optimally to generate added value for all interested parties,” he said. “The flow of the company’s business processes can run better, efficiently and productively,” he added

He said that, the implementation of an ERP system is indeed not an easy matter. Because companies leave the old system (manual) and use a new system that is all digitally connected.

But he is sure, if it is consistent then business processes related to aspects of operations, production and distribution will be more integrated. Communication between institutions will also be more effective

“This is also so that our company is more professional and able to stand in line with other companies that have already used the system first,” he added.

In the Go Live ceremony, Echelon I Barata Indonesia officials also signed an integrity pact, as a form of commitment and support for the implementation of the ERP system within the company.


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