PT Barata Indonesia (Persero), has signed contract with PT. Pelabuhan Indonesia (Persero) III in Jakarta. Both of those BUMN agreed to sign the contract to build port  equipmentfacilities in which Barata Indonesia will produce the Crane for Pelindo III that  will be placed in Tanjung Perak Port, Surabaya.

In that contract signing, the CEO of Barata Indonesia, SilmyKarim with the CEO of Pelindo III, I Gusti Ngurah Aksara Danadiputra, witnessed by the Deputy of Construction Division and Facilities (KSPP of State Minister for State Owned Enterprises, Ahmad Bambang.

Silmy Karim said that the agreement between both of the company is a form of realization from the agreement  that already signed before. Last March Pelindo III agreed to improve the local content by doing a synergy with fellow State Owned Enterprises Sompanies.

“This agreement  is  synergy between State Owned Enterprises. Other than that, the Crane project for port is also a form from Barata Indonesia to support natonal connectivity program, especially, for port equipment,” said Silmy. “For Barata itself, business model that applied between Barata and Pelindo III is a way to optimizing State Owned Enterprises Synergy and developing spirit of local content to create Indonesia’s independence in producing port Crane,” he added.

In this collaboration, Barata Indonesia will produce 4 (four) Rubber TyredGranty Crane (RTGC) which will be rented by Pelindo III to be used in Tanjung Perak Port.

Barata Indonesia also provide maintenance service to the Crane. Barata Indonesia is familiar with Crane production. Previously, Barata Indonesia has produced RTGC for TelukBayur Port and Rail MounterHarbour Crane (RMHC) for Bontang Port.

Other than with Pelindo III, Barata Indonesia has also doing many collaborations with Pelindo I, Pelindo II, and Pelindo IV

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