The  vision of company continues to be addressed by PT Barata Indonesia (Persero). On the day of Tuesday, February 21, 2017, Silmy Karim, Director of Barata Indonesia, explained the company’s business  vision and target of the company for 2017.

The briefing of the  direction of the company’s business in the future is done in front of the young employees of the Barata Indonesia, especially those who have recently joined in Barata Indonesia.

According Silmy, Barata Indonesia  performance in 2016 has been improve compared to 2015. The momentum must be maintained so that the company can continue to grow in the future.

Barata’s performance in 2016 was better than the previous year it can be seen from the level of health in 2016 with a “Less Healthy BBB” rating changes to “Healthy A” rating  in 2016.

“KPKU value also increased from the Early Improvement in 2015 to Good Performance in 2016,” said Silmy

It was also strengthened by the value of Good Corporate Governance (GCG), which rose from a score of 74, 62 in 2015 to 77.6 in 2016. Some of those positive things that happened in 2016, became the asset for the company to proceed with high optimism in  the next year.

The Future of the company will focus on the “FEW and Plus” Business Plan. Namely from Food, Water and Energy Plus (FEW and Plus). For the “Food”, Barata will focus on the Sugar Plant, Sagoo pant, Mills and Four Wheel Tractor. As for the “Energy”, Barata will focus on power generation. For Water category  Barata will focus on the field of Water Gates, Hollow Cone and Dam.

Last but not least  the “Plus”, will lead in the field of Connectivity, which focuses on the field of port handling equipment such as cranes.

Those explanation about the direction of the company’s business expected to motivate young people of Barata, in order to reach target and business plan.

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