The Ministry of BUMN made a visit in the context of monitoring and evaluation (Monev) to BUMN under the Ministry of Telecommunications and Media Services to the Head Office of PT Barata Indonesia (Persero).

The agenda for this visit was led by the Coordinator for Services, Telecommunications & Media, Romi Marcandi, and attended by the 1 PPA Restructuring and Revitalization Technical Team, and accompanied by the Director of Finance, HR & Risk Management, Bambang Joko Sutarto and the Director of Operations, Hertyoso Nursasongko.

This monitoring aims to obtain feedback on ongoing programs and report on company developments related to corporate action targets that have been prepared by PPA as Shareholder Proxy.

Apart from holding discussions, the Directors of PT Barata Indonesia (Persero) also invited the JTM Futures group to see firsthand the production facilities and precision heavy machinery workshops which are the result of PMN utilization.

Barata Indonesia management hopes that this Monev will produce evaluations and recommendations on corporate transformation so that it is hoped that it will have an impact on improving company performance and sustainable business growth.

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