Barata Indonesia (Persero) do the signing of a memorandum of understanding with PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Pelindo) III, on Friday 10 March 2017 in Surabaya. In the Future, as one of the heavy industries company, Barata Indonesia supply crane that will be used in ports owned by Pelindo III.

The synergy between the two state own company was warmly welcomed by both sides. President Director of Barata Indonesia, Silmy Karim, stated that local crane ideally not less compete with crane that  made from foreign company.

With the collaboration with Barata, Pelindo III also want to increase local content in from the projects Pelindo III.

” Actually this is not about the price but a chance and trust, ” said Silmy as quoting the Jawa Pos ” We want to support the sea toll road program from the government, so  that the production of the machine made in Indonesia can be increased, ” he continued


Those collaboration was also viewed positively by the President Director of Pelindo III, Orias Peter Moedak.  According to him, normaly he crane that is used by Pelindo III, is manufactured by foreign company from foreign tourists.


” Now the enthusiasm is  how can we increase the local content,” Orias Peter Moedak said

With the existence of the agreement, Barata Indonesia hopes that the cooperation of procurement of the crane, not only stops on Pelindo III only, but  also continue on Pelindo I, Pelindo II and also Pelindo IV.

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