PERINDO Cooperates with Barata Indonesia to Build Ice Factory

PT Barata Indonesia (Persero) show its seriousness to support the government’s food self-sufficiency program. Tuesday (20/6) with Perum Perikanan Indonesia (Perindo)  Barata looking forward  to build ice factory for local fisherman.

According to the plan the ice factory will  have a capacity of over 30 tons per day and will be built in Wanasalam, Lebak, Banten Province  with aim to provide fish preservation facilities to fisherman around it.

Projects with an investment value of  12.5 billion rupiah will start after Idul Fitri, and on Tuesday (20/6) the first stone has been placed by Perindo President Director, Syahril Japarin, in Binuangeun Village.

“The construction period is estimated to be around six months,” he said

Perindo and Barata Indonesia plan not only to build ice factory facilities in Lebak. The two state-owned companies will also build an ice factory in Natuna and Porth of  Ratu. Barata, which is engaged in foundry, manufacturing and EPC will also be a contractor of Perindo in docking development in Belawan, North Sumatra.

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