PT Barata Indonesia (Persero) held a KPKU Assessment Opening Meeting (Superior Performance Assessment Criteria) on Monday 17 June 2019 at the Gresik Headquarters. The opening of the KPKU evaluation meeting was opened by Mr. Oksarlidady Arifin as the President Director and also attended by the Board of Directors, the KPKU Champion Team of PT Barata Indonesia (Persero) and the KPKU Assessment Team consisting of the Main Assessor Bambang Bambang Wijanarko from PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk and member members Mr. Radito Risangadi from PT Jasa Raharja (Persero), Mr. B. Adi Nugroho from PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk, Mr. Hadi Suroso from PT PAL (Persero) and Mr. Joko Suwarto Utomo from internal companies.

The implementation of KPKU is motivated by the strategic plan of the Ministry of SOEs to improve BUMN competitiveness in the global arena. SOEs are demanded as big, strong and agile Development Agents. Based on the KPKU, each SOE can assess all elements of the company that are approved in company management. The goal is to photograph the performance of the organization through the whole process to the results. The assessment team will provide feedback in the form of opportunities for improvement for the company that has been done to achieve the best.

President Director Oksarlidady Arifin in his remarks welcomed positively and welcomed the appreciation of this assessment, “We welcome with open arms this assessment as a tool to improve organizational performance and the progress of Barata”, said Dady. In line with this, the Main Assessors, Bambang Wijanarko also appreciated the company’s performance which grew significantly in the last period. Thus the evaluation of the implementation of the KPKU can strengthen Barata’s position in the domestic and global markets.

For information, in 2017, Barata’s performance was able to score 533 points and fit the Good Performance criteria. By continuing to innovate and improve joint performance, hopefully the results of excellent performance in 2018 can show the improvement and performance of Barata as a manufacturing and EPC industrial company

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