On August 7, 2017 at the State Minister for State Owned Enterprises  Office. Three State-Owned Enterprises  of Strategic Industry (PT Barata Indonesia (Persero), PT Boma Bisma Indra (Persero), PT Pindad (Persero), signed a Memorandum of Understanding to consolidating the synergy between three company.

This commitment marked by the signing of Memorandum of Understanding by the President Director of Barata Indonesia, Silmy Karim, President Director of BBI, Rahman Sadikin, and President Director of Pindad Abraham Mose at the Office of the Minister for State Owned Enterprises  .

The President Director of the three BUMNs agreed to establish synergies in the same areas of business, as a form of participation in advancing national industry. President Director of PT Barata Indonesia (Persero), Silmy Karim said that the cooperation between Barata, BBI & Pindad is a realization of the synergy foras well as to encourage the increase of the poirtion of local content to form an independent national local  industry “.

On the other hand, Abraham Mose said, “The purpose of the synergy between these three Three State-Owned Enterprises  of Strategic Industry  is growth and raise local content  in the field of Indsutrial Products and Business and increase the company’s growth”.

This synergy is to increase cooperation in the field of business, product, research & development, after sales service, maintenance, repair, research & development as well as increase the value of local content from every industrial product.

The focus of the Synergy will be in the field of  Foundry and Machinery Products, Manufacture of Special Machinery, Agricultural Equipment and Machinery, Manufacture of Industrial Equipment, Power Plant, Tools and Machinery in Agro Industry, Heavy Equipment, Heavy Machinery Spare Parts inMmining, Railway Equipment, as well as Marine component.

Furthermore, President Director of PT Boma Bisma Indra (Persero) said, “BBI is ready to support this agreed synergy or cooperation.”

Although Barata, Pindad and BBI have different business areas, but all three parties agree to developing the national manufacturing industry together.

BARATA & BBI is a Heavy Industrial Company which is engaged in casting, Industrial equipment manufacturing and construction projects.

While PINDAD is a state-owned defense that specialize in weapon manufacturer  and industrial machinery.

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